Essex Ventilation Services Supports Homeless Charity Crisis

We don’t need to tell you that 2020 was a particularly difficult year for everyone, but we mustn’t forget that amazing charities like Crisis still rely on donations to help others. That’s why EVS continues to support the homeless charity in 2021!

As a successful business, we feel it’s important to help those less fortunate to secure a better life. For the past two years EVS has committed to supporting Crisis, the charity that strives to end homelessness for people that have fallen on difficult times.

Crisis provides homeless people access to a much-needed support network that can help them rebuild their lives in a positive way. It offers counselling from expert professionals and referrals to organisations that deal with different issues.

While doing so, Crisis also offers homeless people a friendly and secure foundation for their new life thanks to annual donations from individuals and businesses, just like us.

Donations provide all the necessities that many of us take for granted, including:

  • A bed for the night
  • Hot meal
  • Hair cut
  • Clean clothes
  • Shower
  • Medical checks

Homelessness is a major problem in this country – there are around 320,000 homeless people in the UK, which equates to one in 200 people. That is a shocking statistic, so we’re doing our bit to make a difference.

Charities like Crisis do amazing work to help those that have fallen on tough times. We must remember homelessness is not a choice. The biggest issue is mental health problems, which prevents many homeless people realising a better life and often is the cause of their situation.

Crisis has a completely positive impact on the homeless people they support. They even offer training to pursue a career in hospitality. The charity has set up three of its very own cafes across the country – in London, Newcastle and Oxford. Here, homeless recruits can gain experience working in commercial kitchens and front of house. They will receive full training and eventually gain certified qualifications. Better still, it’s an opportunity to gain confidence working in a public facing environment. We can only imagine that such an experience must be life changing, which is another reason Crisis is our chosen charity.

If you have been inspired to donate to Crisis, please click HERE.

Thanks for reading.