SMAS contractor

EVS Receives SMAS Accreditation

EVS proudly announces its association with SMAS Worksafe.

Having undergone a thorough assessment of existing health and safety procedures, EVS is now an accredited SMAS member.

SMAS is a leading SSIP (safety scheme in procurement) for contractors. It is a widely recognised certification of health and safety procedures among organisations throughout the UK that desire a high level of commitment to health and safety from their chosen contractors.

Speaking on the new SMAS accreditation is EVS Managing Director, Justin Blue, “EVS are pleased to have gained an SMAS Worksafe certificate. This means that we have met the SSIP core criteria recognised by the HSE and other SSIP accreditation schemes.

“Meeting the SSIP core criteria demonstrates that EVS is serious about Health and Safety, and has an effective Health and Safety management system in place to ensure that any work we are engaged in is carried out without risk to the health and safety of our team and others.”

The SMAS accreditation supply chain management is used by organisations as a pre-approval process for procuring contractors. Having the SMAS Worksafe accreditation means that EVS meets the optimum requirements for health and safety in the workplace, a desirable attribute of a reputable HVAC contractor.

To discover more about the EVS and our processes, please contact our team.