Commercial Ductwork Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation for commercial ductwork offers an effective solution to ensuring your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning system continues to remain efficient during all seasons.

Ducts that carry cool and/or warm air need protection from the outside ambient temperature. Therefore, commercial ductwork installations require some form of thermal insulation to reduce unnecessary heat loss, or to protect cool air from external temperatures.

If left uninsulated, depending on the HVAC system in place, the plant will ultimately work harder, causing a reduction in efficiency and increase in condensation. A build up on external condensation will cause water to drip, leading to damp and discolouration to ceilings if left unaddressed.

 Fundamental Benefits of Thermal Insulation

  • Improved heat retention
  • Condensation prevention
  • Sound reduction
  • Protection from external elements

Thermal Insulation Options

There are various thermal insulation options for internal and external commercial ductwork. At EVS, our professional engineers will advise on the most effective solution to compliment your HVAC system and property, as well protect your commercial ductwork against impact and weather conditions.

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