EVS are the proud sponsors of Flyers FC.

Romford Flyers was formed back in May 2007 by 3 coaches looking to offer what they thought kids football was all about.

They decided that the main emphasis should be on the players playing football and being provided with the best coaching, equipment and environment possible.

Chris Packham, Dave Paris McKenzie and Jon Hillier set about forming their own club and Flyers was the result.

The club was formed from the 25 kids that they were coaching at the time and from these humble beginnings the club has expanded to its current size in just over 7 years. The club currently has over 300 children playing and training regularly within its teams.

When the club was formed the Coaches were in the middle of taking their coaching badges and it was also decided that the club would aim to comply with the FA’s Charter Standard scheme. In February 2008 just 9 months after being formed the club achieved this status and continues to uphold all the values and safeguards put in place by that scheme.

In 2012 the Club was awarded the Essex County FA “Charter Standard Club of the Year ” Award and has also won this Award for the whole South East region. An amazing achievement for the club and recognition of all the hard work put in by the Players,Coaches and supporters of the club.

In line with this ethos the club has several Child Welfare officers and is about to send even more volunteers on the necessary courses to enable them to fulfill this role also.

In the 07/08 season the club entered 3 teams into the Thundermite League and the teams flourished in their new environment. In 08/09 the club entered teams into both the Echo League ( 5 Teams ) and again the Thundermite league ( 3 teams ). In 09/10 the club had 7 Teams in the Echo League and 4 in the Thundermite. In 2010/11 & 2011/12 the club has had 16 teams playing in the Echo League.In 2012/13 the club had 19 teams playing in the Echo League and 2 in the BCFA. For 14/15 the club now has 26 teams spanning all ages including Mens & Girls.

The club is now simply known as Flyers Football Club as this more accurately reflects our reach into the wider community beyond our early boundaries.

The club throughout these years has developed players from a young age and has produced 12 teams from its Academy with a new Under 6/7 team currently starting their journey with some friendlies.

We continue to provide what we consider to be the best money can buy for all the children and at all times have the children at the forefront of any decisions that are made.