Essex Ventilation Services Testimonials


Essex Ventilation Services Ltd have looked after all our ventilation requirements exclusively for many years. We don’t go anywhere else due to the high level of service received. I could not recommend them highly enough.
D. Dixon – Mechanical Services Director

I have worked with Essex Ventilation Services Ltd on many projects and can vouch for their high level of expertise and attention to detail that far exceeds the industry standards.
M. Button – Technical Services Manager ISG

Essex Ventilation Services Ltd have worked with me on a number of projects over the years. We have forged a good working relationship with them due to their snag free delivery, and friendly approach.
J. Roberts – Contracts Manager 

EVS have been a valued partner for a number of years assisting us with Air Conditioning maintenance, HVAC, designs, mods and installs and a number of other projects. Their commitment to high service levels and value for money is fantastic and so is their fast response and assistance whenever we need their help in a breakdown situation. It’s always a pleasure to work with EVS.
L. James – End User Building Services Manager

Good afternoon EVS. In an industry that often doesn’t recognise anything positive that happens, credit where credit is due, our compliance coordinator has come back with the following comments. “A neat and tidy install thanks to team EVS at the Battersea Power station.” The attached photos are Ductwork Installation at its best.
C.Lewis – Managing Director Fire Trace

Your team on our projects were as good as gold and the installation was first class. We couldn’t have done better ourselves given the timescales and I’ve got over 30 years of experience.
K.Vigelis – Project Manager