EVS Joins Nick Knowles And The DIY SOS Team For The Grenfell Big Build


On Wednesday 5 September the BBC broadcast the first of a two-part series that observed Nick Knowles and his DIY SOS team undertake the biggest challenge in the show’s 15-year history. The popular TV show committed to running a nine-month project to build a new gym for Dale Youth Boxing Club and a community centre for victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. The build would occupy 750 square metres of disused land under a motorway in North Kensington. EVS were approached to be part of this mammoth project that would help to revive the community’s spirits after the Grenfell tragedy. Without hesitation the EVS team committed. Like all DIY SOS projects the production team were reliant on the generosity of local suppliers and tradesmen to give up time and resources in order to complete the Grenfell community project. The BBC DIY SOS production team contacted EVS through industry recommendations and the rest was history.


Working closely with the show’s designers and construction team directly, EVS determined the ductwork routes and layouts throughout the gym, office, toilets and changing rooms. The team also manufactured and installed the rectangular ductwork. Combined, the HVAC components served a common air handling unit. The show’s interior designer, Gabrielle Blackman developed an industrial design scheme for Dale Youth Boxing Club. A major feature within the design was the polished exposed ductwork, which has become somewhat of a speciality for EVS. The key to achieving this industrial look is within the installation. The layout and design of the ductwork needs to be well planned and considered to achieve a high-end look. Unlike other projects of this nature, time was limited, and the ductwork installation had to be complete within just days. EVS were able to complete the ductwork installation within record time and to its usual high standards.

Approx Value



2 weeks